Spring Season Starts

Entry sign

With the arrival of April, green has come to Indiana!  Old Loon Farm is waking from its winter sleep and we’re open for seasonal business for 2015!

Our 2015 CSA season starts the first week of May. Our chickens are laying as if their lives depended on it – maybe they’re right! – and so there are plenty of omelets in our future. We have eggs for sale daily – farm fresh, free range and exquisitely tasty!

We’ve got lots of tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and a large variety of other vegetables growing in our greenhouse. This week we set out everbearing strawberries and Napa cabbage into the two low tunnels that are ready for use; two more tunnels are still under construction.

From one day to the next, the colors change, the plants grow insanely fast, and our outlook changes.  Here around Loon Lake, piers and boats are going into the water, cottages are opening for the season and traffic seems to increase daily.  It’s in the air – welcome to lake asparagus croppedseason!  One of the earliest crops on our farm is asparagus.  We checked the field on Thursday evening and harvested exactly 5 spears.  By Saturday, it was a different story – enough for several meals!  We will have asparagus for sale at the farm as long as it lasts into late spring.  And that Midwest favorite, rhubarb, is coming along nicely.  Won’t be long now before we have fresh rhubarb pie and jam.

Time to plant potatoes, onions, peas and beets, hopefully ahead of the predicted rains.  You’ll hear more from us soon!

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