Spring Season Week 2

Good morning, Farm Friends!

garden 1

The lettuce beds are opened up to the warm sunshine in our Kitchen Garden.

What a lovely weekend and a perfect start to the month of May.  We hope the great weather continues!  We’ve been working every square inch of our gardens for the past few weeks, and are hardening off our greenhouse plants – tomatoes, peppers, herbs and other warm weather loving vegetables – that need really warm soil temperatures to thrive in the outside environment.

This is week 2, and we’re introducing you to more of Old Loon Farm specialties along with fresh produce from the garden.    This week is bread and jam week!

  •  Jane’s Grains whole grain bread – one loaf of our famous bread
  • Old Loon Farm jam – to top your bread, one small jar of our own fresh fruit jam
  • Fresh Salad greens – arugula, spinach, variety lettuce
  • Asparagus – 1 lb. bunch. Additional available to members @ $3.50/lb. (50 cent discount)
  • Farm fresh Chuck’s Chicks© eggs – 1 dozen. Additional eggs are always available to CSA members for $2.50/dozen (50 cent discount)
  • Herbs of the week: thyme, oregano.  Thyme is one of those essential herbs for chicken dishes and BBQ rubs and sauces.  Oregano, of course, brings anything Italian to mind.  Chop some finely with garlic and onion, brown lightly in a bit of extra virgin olive oil, and toss in a can of diced or ground tomatoes.  Simmer for 15-20 minutes, adjust salt and pepper, and you’ve got a quick, fresh and delicious pasta sauce!
  • cheeses

    Experimenting with additions to our chevre: coarse black pepper, our own dried tomatoes, fresh chives.

    Fresh goat cheese – 4 oz. package of chevre. This week we’re enhancing the cheese with our own fresh herbs, dried tomatoes and/or fresh ground pepper.

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