Spring Basket Week 4

sweet potato rows

Sweet potatoes are in!

Good morning!

Lots happening these days on the farm.  We’re dodging cold weather, hot weather, and rain, and enjoying the sunshine in between.  We’ve got the sweet potatoes in the ground (yay!) and some tomatoes, beans, and other warm lovers.  We hear the temp is supposed to drop to 38 degrees tomorrow night, though, so we might hold off transplanting peppers till later this week.  Hopefully the weather won’t get that chilly!

This week’s basket includes

  • Fresh salad greens – including arugula, spinach and lettuce varieties.
  • Asian Greens – both young mustard greens and tat soi.
  • Asparagus –  one pound. Additional available at a discount for members
  • Scallions – young green onions
  • Chuck’s Chicks Fresh Eggs – One dozen; additional available at a discount for members
  • Radish – a bit iffy, they’re maturing somewhat haphazardly
  • Herbs this week are chives and oregano 
  • Goat Cheese  – Sorry, no cheese this week!

Last week it was Goats 1, Jane 0, as we contended with low production, an unruly nanny, kicked buckets and one full milk-bath for Jane. So far, this week isn’t going any better! Time to reboot!

Mustard greens and tat soi are in this week’s basket.  Leafy mustard greens are packed with nutrients – vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients – are low in calories and fats, and high in fiber.  They’re GOOD FOR YOU!  One of the easiest ways to fix mustard greens is to chop crosswise into 1″ – 2″ pieces and wilt them in a saute pan with your favorite additions – garlic, bacon, white wine, mushrooms, almonds and/or spices.  The young (baby) leaves add a spicy punch to your green salads.  Chop and steam leaves lightly and add to your favorite pasta with some fine grated cheese and you’ have a wonderful dinner!  check the Internet for many and varied recipes for mustard greens.

tat soi

Tat soi

Also in the basket is tat soi.  This vegetable of the brassica family is sometimes called spinach mustard or rosette bok choy, and it adds great flavor to your green salads.  It can be stir-fried lightly as well, and added to your scrambled eggs, pasta or served as a side.  Again, check the internet for more ways to prepare tat soi!

Have a wonderful week.  And enjoy all of May’s beautiful gifts!

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