Early Summer Basket, Week 1

Hello Farm Friends,

Welcome to the first week of the Early Summer Season on Old Loon Farm.  We didn’t get the floods of Texas, but sure got a lot of rain this weekend, along with cooler temperatures.  Our crops are not sure whether they’re coming or going — some a coming along very slowly, and some are going to seed way too quickly. Each year brings its unique challenge!

This week’s basket will look pretty similar to last week’s:  Salad greens (variety lettuce, spinach or arugula), kale or Swiss chard, radishes (lots of radishes ready this week!) 1/2 lb. asparagus, chevre, 1/2 dozen fresh eggs, and herbs.  This week in the herb garden we have chives, oregano, flat leaf Italian parsley, cilantro, and thyme.  We still have rhubarb available in the garden. Let us know if you want herbs or rhubarb in your basket! You’ll also find a baked surprise in your basket this week as well!

And if you’re putting in a few plants in your home garden, we have extra tomato plants we’d love to share with you!

Looking forward to sunshine and seeing you all this week!

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