Early Summer – 4th Week

Good Morning Everyone!

This week’s basket will be a little light compared to the past weeks. We’re in a bit of transition time when some of the spring vegetables are winding down and many of our summer vegetables haven’t quite reached maturity yet. Certainly our crazy, wet weather has helped some crops and hindered others, but each year has its own challenges.

Kale is growing well, and will continue to be in your basket.  Besides kale salad, kale chips, and sauteed kale dishes, you can also use young kale in a pesto!  Simply blend with olive oil, almonds, garlic, lemon juice – and make a wonderful dip for your raw veggies and crackers!  Check the web for recipes.

You’ll get one bag of lettuce, and one of chard or arugula this week. Also a bunch of rhubarb (yes, it’s still on the menu) onions, goat cheese, half-dozen eggs and your choice of herbs. We have chives and cilantro this week.

A reminder, this weekend’s Farmers’ Market will be held at the Parkview Whitley Hospital parking lot on Saturday due to Old Settler’s Days blocking off downtown.  Come visit us for fresh breads and other goodies!  Have a great week!

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