Early Summer 6th Week

DSCN0924 Happy Summer to all!

We hope you enjoyed the beautiful July 4th Holiday weekend!  We certainly did, with family and friends gathered ’round. And the weather could not have been more cooperative!

Independence Day always seems to usher in the height of the summer – the freedom and hot weather and long, lazy days, before we start thinking of fall school, sports and cooler weather.  So it’s nice to kick back and relax and not feel guilty about taking some leisure time!  Meals should be easy and light as well.

The summer menu ingredients from the farm this week include:  new red beets, carrots, lettuce, your choice of chard or kale, cabbage, and a half dozen fresh eggs.  Herbs available include flat-leaf Italian parsley and chives, and a very limited supply of basil.  We also have a limited supply of arugula, and perhaps a small bag of snow peas to toss in your salads. Our snow pea crop did not thrive this year with all the wet weather and are not as sweet and tender as they have been in years past.

On the farm, we love to roast or steam red beets, cool, peel and chop them, and toss with arugula or lettuce, blue cheese, and walnuts. We dress the salad with some honey-based dressing (honey-mustard or honey-sweetened vinaigrette).

Have a wonderful week!

Jane & Charlie

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