Early Summer Season – 7th Week (Already!)

ollie ivan 2

Apprentice Farmers @ Old Loon Farm

Hello Farm Friends!

More rain is falling as I write this newsletter. I’m not optimistic that much of what we planted in our north garden can survive more water.  Luckily the backyard (kitchen) garden is still holding up.  But we sure could use some sunny, dry weather!

Despite the wet ground, we’re digging garlic and some potatoes.  We are still planting too – lettuce, spinach and beets for the fall, and soon we’ll start some more radishes and beets.  All we can do is hope that the weather cooperates!

This week’s menu includes  lettuce/salad greens, choice of chard or kale, carrots, new potatoes, patty-pan squash, half-dozen eggs, and fennel. 

If luck holds, there may be some fresh goat cheese this week as well.  Herbs available this week include parsley, mint and cilantro.

Many of you may not be familiar with fennel.  It is related to the carrot, parsley, dill and coriander family. The bulb, stems, leaves and seeds are all edible. The fern-like tops can be chopped into fresh salads.  The white bulbs are anise-flavored, can be sliced thinly and added to fresh salads for a nice new flavor, or can be roasted with other vegetables.  Fennel is one of our favorites! High in vitamin C and antioxidants, too!

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