High Summer – 1st Week

DSCN0810Hello, Farm Friends,

We welcome you back from the vacation break and hope you’re ready for more garden produce.  Each year, this vacation time allows us to re-organize and begin fall planting. This year, we also were able to take a trip to Scotland for our niece’s wedding, so it was an extra special time for us.  Now we’re glad to be back and in the garden again!

This has probably been the toughest gardening year we’ve ever experienced.  The chill and rain in June ruined much of our tomato and pepper crop, as well as cucumbers and squash. We did do some late planting of a couple of varieties of tomatoes and peppers in our high-ground, and so far those are doing very well.  As long as we don’t get an early frost, we should have some of those products late in the season.  As we move into August, we’ll be planting more radish and salad greens as well.

For this week, your basket will contain:  salad greens, your choice of chard or kale, garlic, carrots, tomatoes, fingerling potatoes, green beans, patty pan squash or eggplant,  and half a dozen fresh eggs.  Herbs available this week include basil, parsley, and fennel bulb.  We also have some dill and mint available.

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