3rd Week – High Summer Season

Hello Farm Friends!

August is turning out to be a beautiful month, and the days are beginning to predict the fall season to come.  School’s back in session now and everyone is thinking about fall sports and the coming Labor Day holiday.  Bittersweet for sure!

This week’s vegetable harvest is small for this time of year, a result of the heavy rains of June. But it’s not over: this is the time that we repeat some of our spring planting: spinach, lettuce, radishes, arugula, mache, and other greens for fall harvest.  More to come!

In your basket this week you’ll find red cabbage, celery root, kale, tomatoes and potatoes, along with 1/2 dozen eggs.  We’ll add additional vegetables that we are still harvesting — arugula, green beans, edamame and carrots, but these will be in small amounts this week.   In the herb garden we have parsley, mint, fennel bulbs, and sage.

celeriacA little more about celery root, or celeriac:  This knobby, bulbous root will not win any beauty contests.  It’s pretty ugly, actually, but it’s delicious!  Kind of a cross between parsley and celery, the root can be shredded into salads raw (strong flavor, so use with other strong-flavored vegetables), or roasted, boiled and mashed.  It is lovely as a side dish or mixed with mashed potatoes.  Boiled and pureed, it adds a delicious, creamy texture to soup broth.  Try an apple-celery root soup finished with crumbled bacon for a lovely, light evening supper.

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