Welcome to Fall Season – 1st Week

sage  Good Day, Farm Friends,

Welcome to the first of five weeks of our Fall CSA Season.  The weather is up and down, but the air certainly is beginning to feel like Autumn as we experience the season unfolding.

The herb of the week is sage.  Growing up, sage was a dry gray powdery substance that came in a spice can and was overused in factory-prepared stuffing mixes and turkey bases.  Ugh!  Fresh sage is actually a nice addition to pork, chicken and … winter squash. Although our squash crop failed with the heavy rains this year, there are a lot of golden varieties available at the local markets.  Fresh sage adds a very nice zest to squash soup, for example, or add it to your grilling marinade for chicken or pork. Here’s a link to a great squash soup with sage:  http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/butternut-squash-and-sage-soup-with-sage-breadcrumbs-241346.

This week’s basket includes both white and sweet potatoes, green beans, a jar of freshly prepared horseradish, home-made egg noodles, and half a dozen eggs.  There will also be some additional veggies added in each basket as they are available, including tomatoes, okra, and kale.  Other available herbs include chive, fennel, parsley mint, and basil.

Please let us know if there are specific items you would like in your basket; we’ll do our best to accommodate you!

We also have a limited supply of apple cider for sale. It was freshly pressed from our apples this morning.  It’s sweet and very tasty!

Thanks! and have a great week!

Jane and Charlie

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