3rd Week – Fall Season – More Potatoes!

Happy Monday, Farm Friends,

rooster planterIt’s hard to believe it’s nearly the end of September.  The weather has been exceptional, the moon has been generous in her light this week, stretching out the days into working (or relaxing) evenings. We will certainly miss all of this in winter, so we hope you are enjoying it all now!

The past couple of weeks we’ve been planting crops for winter garden.  It’s true, both greens and root crops can survive surprisingly cold temperatures.  A blanket of straw will keep them from freezing; days above 40 degrees will spur them to growth. So, often we push away the snow and straw and dig a few carrots for supper in the middle of the “January thaw.”  We also use covered boxes to keep salad greens going in the fall, sometimes through December.  Somehow it all tastes even better then!  Try it in your own garden patch; we’ll be glad to advise or help in any way we can.

This week’s basket will include a bag of fall salad mix, radishes, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, half a dozen eggs, and tomatoes, green and/or red, as long as they’re available.  We have raw root or processed horseradish but you need to order ahead so we can dig it fresh for you.  In the herb garden we have basil, sage, chives, new cilantro, parsley, fennel, nasturtium flowers and mint. Please also let us know ahead of time if you want any herbs in your basket.

Subscribers should have received an email from us with information on storing and preserving potatoes.  They’re plentiful now, and there are ways to keep them for enjoying later in the fall and winter.

See you all this week!

Jane & Charlie

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