In a February Frame of Mind

What do you do in the month of February?  In this neck of the national woods, it’s generally a cold and gray  month. And with the holiday season gone and Spring not quite on the horizon, the month always seems to last a lot longer than its 28 or 29 days.

Here on the farm, there are still chores to do, but fewer chores than there would be in any other season. That means more time inside, working on plans, taxes and other things we’ve put off as long as possible.

Lemon CurdI’m often working on recipe development, marketing plans, and other cooking projects during February.  This week I made a batch of lemon curd – that brilliant, sunshine-in-a-jar that’s full of our fresh eggs, sugar and sweet Meyer lemon juice.  (Recipe by Northwest Edible Life at­lemon­curd­a­love­affair/).  It freezes well and tastes yummy on our toasted whole-grain breads.  In case you are missing our breads this winter, you can special-order them any time by calling us at the farm.

Snack bars

Another project that we’re working on this month: grain-free energy bars. Made with various nuts, seeds, our own local honey, nut butters, and assorted dried fruits, the bars are packed with protein and low in carbs.

And finally, we are developing a line of artisan breads for our market made with ancient einkorn organic wheat flour.  Einkorn has less gluten than conventional wheat, requiring different baking techniques. It takes a bit of practice after years and years of baking with high gluten flours!  Watch for our new energy bars and einkorn products this spring when the market opens.

Think positive! February is the month to take care of all those loose end projects so that you’re free to be outside to welcome Spring back to this area.  Get going!



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