Week 2 of May – record cold temps!

Officially, I don’t know if this is record chill for May, but it’s way, way out of the range we’d like to see this late in the Spring.  Although some farmers around here have corn popping through the ground, many fields remain unplanted due to cold and wet.  And most gardeners had their plants covered last night as the temp dropped down to 36 degrees.

Yesterday’s downtown market was a rainy and chilly place – we even had some sleet – and the weather deteriorated as the morning progressed. Thanks to all who braved the cold and came to purchase our asparagus, rhubarb, salad greens, honey and breads.  If you chose a rain check on this week’s market, we will have more next weekend!

As the temperatures are projected to normalize this week, we are planning to sow our first crop of edamame, along with direct seeding of green beans and sugar peas.  Cool weather crops, including radish, carrots, lettuce and spinach are enduring the chill well and growing quickly. A few days of strong sunshine will help!
einkorn toasts 2   This week we introduced a new product – crunchy little toasts made of 100% organic einkorn flour. You’ll love these nutty, crunchy toasts!  They’re great for snacking, appetizers, and dippers.

Einkorn is ancient wheat – a grain that has not been hybridized and has remained as delicious and nutritious as it was 12,000 years ago.  Einkorn is nearly 40% higher in protein and contains 15% less starch than the commercial varieties of wheat in general use today.  It contains abundant B vitamins and trace minerals like iron.  Although einkorn is not gluten-free, the gluten in einkorn lacks the high molecular weight proteins that many people cannot digest. (Einkorn is NOT suitable for those with celiac disease.) In future market dates this summer, we will also offer a variety of einkorn breads. We source our einkorn flours and organic olive oil from Jovial Foods (www.jovialfoods.com).

We are looking forward to warmer weather this week. Bring on the sunshine!

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