Limited and Elegant

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve heard over the years in farming is this: “Don’t ever apologize for being small.”

We think about that every year as we review our previous seasons and draft our farm plans for the upcoming year, and I’ve been thinking about that advice recently quite a bit.  As we get excited about our work and our opportunities, it’s easy to start to thinking big and bigger.  But curbing our enthusiasm is not all bad; one can get greedy and before long, have an operation that’s way out of control.  Small is beautiful on this farm!

What does small mean?

It means hard work but it also means quality control.

It means limited production and elegant food – tasty varieties grown with care and harvested at the peak of flavor and nutrition.

It means an end to “mediocre and plenty of it,”  Instead you get seasonal anticipation, delicious foods, and appreciation of each bite.

It means learning to preserve our bounty at the height of flavor and nutrition, and then experiencing it again in the middle of winter — summer comfort in the cold and dark season.

It means better quality of life for the farmer and producer; thoughtful rest during the by-season, and rejuvenation of spirit.

So we will continue to stay small, producing the best products we can,  enjoying what we do and sharing it with you!

Spring is just around the corner.  Thanks for supporting Old Loon Farm!

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