What will YOU plant this spring?

DSCN0885Are you thinking spring yet?  The days are getting longer; the sun is shining a bit higher in the sky each day, and before we know it, we’ll be thinking of hanging out in the garden, layered with sweaters, jackets and sunhats!

Long before our no-frost date in Mid-May, we at Old Loon Farm will be starting plants indoors… peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, annual herbs, broccoli, and many others.  We will have many varieties of potted vegetables for sale by the time you get ready to set them into your garden.  And because we use organic seed in naturally fertile soil that isn’t pumped up on artificial fertilizers, there’s less transplant shock when you set our plants out into your garden.

Check with us for your favorite heirloom varieties before you buy your seedlings from the big-box stores!

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Winter Fun – Indoors and Out

DSCN2745What happens during these long winter days that we spend mostly indoors? Seed catalogs to the rescue!

This week’s activities included inventory and organization of our existing seed stock, ordering new seeds, and building frames for low tunnels/raised boxes in the North Garden.

Saturday gave us a  break from the cold; “playing” outside included pruning the domesticated grapes and cutting wild grapevine down out of a patch of woodland.

Who says winter’s no fun?

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CSA Shares for 2015 Available Now!

It’s time to sign up for your 2015 Old Loon Farm CSA Share!  For more information, check out our CSA page on this website.

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